PMA 2016

10th conference of the Performance Measurement Association

26-29 June 2016 Edinburgh, Scotland

Special Issues

We have negotiated special issues with three prominent journals, the International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR), the International Journal of Operations and Production Management (IJOPM) and Measuring Business Excellence (MBE).

IJMR special Issue – Towards a Theoretical Foundation for Performance Measurement and Management

The purpose of the IJMR special issue is to compile a number of contributions that conceptualise the theoretical basis of performance measurement and management from different perspectives, such as strategy, operations, marketing, human resources, accounting, organisational behaviour and so on.  In keeping with the approach of IJMR, we also welcome contributions that take a critical approach to performance measurement and management. We hope that through these contributions we will take a significant step towards developing a more robust theoretical basis for organisational performance.

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IJOPM special Issue – New performance measurement theories for new practices

The nature of work is continuing to evolve and tradition forms of performance management, management controls and costing systems are being rendered redundant. The role of performance measurement is evolving and individuals, teams and business unit have to use their own performance measures to manage their operations rather than to rely on centralized directives. Also, the pace of environmental change is now an issue. Performance measurement systems have been criticized for not being sufficiently dynamic and responsive. The emergence of new measurement practices are in conflict with some traditional management control theories, suggesting we need to revisit are theoretical assumptions. The special issue will solicit high quality papers in one of three areas:

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Measuring Business Excellence - Remastered, Reinvented, and Reimagined: Evolving and Merging Paths to Performance Measurement and Management

Contemporary and – almost certainly – future modes of performance measurement and management owe much to the contributions of acknowledged masters: Shigeo Shingo, Tomas Bata, W. Edwards Deming, Joseph M. Juran and numerous others. These and other voices have influenced the content, intent, and direction of well-known approaches to holistic enterprise performance measurement and management that include the principles and models that support the Shingo Prize, European Quality Award, America’s Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the Balanced Scorecard, the Performance Prism and other more recent developments.

In near parallel enterprises have become morally, ethically, and legally obliged to address social and environmental responsibilities and challenges, many of which are global in scope. In response we have seen the rise of specialized innovation and design approaches such as biomimicry and cradle-to-cradle design. It may be noted that performance measurement and management systems evolve in holistic directions wherein the enterprise must of necessity concurrently and integratively address economic, social, environmental, and innovation performance and impact along with performance and impact in other areas of importance more specific to the enterprise.

Although full convergence of the management philosophies of the masters, business and performance excellence models, economic and social sustainability, and innovation is immature at best, a trend toward such convergence is apparent. So we are interested in contributing to this area of new development. While all relevant manuscripts will be considered, the special issue is particularly interested in high quality papers in the following areas:

  1. Disaster followed by disaster recovery and lessons learned tomes and other applications oriented case studies are valued.
  2. Integrative contributions incorporating principles-driven enterprise culture and practice are especially welcome.
  3. Papers providing new insights into the works of the “masters”, with real and potential impact on contemporary or future enterprise performance measurement and management practice.
  4. Remastered, reimagined, or reinvented enterprise performance management and measurement models and systems that explicitly address economic, social, political, and environmental trends.
  5. Theoretical or empirical papers synthesizing enterprise culture, innovation, and triple bottom line oriented performance measurement and management practices that are explicitly linked to or integrated with principles and practices of the masters.

Please click here to download the call for this special issue.


PMA Conference 2016 - Performance Measurement and Management: New Theories for New Practices