PMA 2016

10th conference of the Performance Measurement Association

26-29 June 2016 Edinburgh, Scotland

Call for Papers

The theme of the 2016 conference is Performance Measurement and Management: new theories for new practices. The nature of work is continuing to change and the role of performance measurement and management is evolving. Increasingly we are finding that traditional management control theories are in conflict with new performance measurement and management practices, We need new theories that explain these new practices. Particularly we are looking for paper that makes empirical and theoretical contributions in the following areas:

This biannual conference of the Performance Measurement Association brings together a wide group of practitioners and academics interested in managing performance of their organisation, so we are also interested in practitioners who have insights and experiences to share with the conference. We need to better understand what works and what does not in practice and in this new world with emerging forms of organisation. So if you are a practitioner with a real interest in the subject you would be most welcome to join us at the conference as a delegate, or even better still, if you have a story to share why don’t you submit an abstract of your story for inclusion in the conference programme.

In support of the conference we have already secured a special issue of the International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR) and we are currently negotiating with the editors of the International Journal of Operations and Production Management (IJOPM) for the same.

Please visit the rest of the website and put the key dates in to your diary. Also, please remember to inform your colleagues of the conference, we are looking forward to laying on an inspirational platform for engaging and rewarding debate.

We hope you are able to join us in June 2016.

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PMA Conference 2016 - Performance Measurement and Management: New Theories for New Practices